Heir to a Prophecy by Mercedes Rochelle – Blog Tour, Book Review and Giveaway

I received a free copy for my honest review.

02_Heir to a Prophecy Cover

About the Book:

Publication Date: December 12, 2014
Top Hat Books
Paperback; 418p
ISBN: 978-1-78279-754-8

Genre: Historical Fiction

Shakespeare’s Witches tell Banquo, “Thou Shalt ‘Get Kings Though Thou Be None”. Though Banquo is murdered, his son Fleance gets away. What happened to Fleance? What Kings? As Shakespeare’s audience apparently knew, Banquo was the ancestor of the royal Stewart line. But the road to kingship had a most inauspicious beginning, and we follow Fleance into exile and death, bestowing the Witches’ prophecy on his illegitimate son Walter. Born in Wales and raised in disgrace, Walter’s efforts to understand Banquo’s murder and honor his lineage take him on a long and treacherous journey through England and France before facing his destiny in Scotland.    Continue reading

You Can Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Today’s conversation is sponsored by backtotheroots.com


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Did you know that it is very easy to grow your own mushrooms right in the comfort of your home? Thanks to backtotheroots.com it is. The hubby loves mushrooms so this was a perfect addition to his “gardening.” All it takes is the starter kit from the company and a little bit of time and patience.


Hubby took the cover off of the box and read the instructions. All he needed to get them ready was a container large enough to soak the bag inside and a knife. Then it was a matter of cutting open the plastic cover… Continue reading

Shadow of a Smile by Valerie Joan Conners – Book Review

I received a free copy for my honest review.


About the Book:

In 1960, at twenty years old, Anastasia left her parents and the cold mid-western winter behind in Milwaukee and drove her powder blue Ford Fairlane down Route 66 all the way to Los Angeles, certain that’s where all her dreams would come true.  Just two years later, she’s forced to retrace her steps, traveling back home with her dreams shattered, a broken heart, and a daughter she would have to raise alone.

Thirty years later, following her mother’s untimely death, that daughter, Meredith, learns the shocking truth about her origins, the father she never knew, and the mother whose life was very different than it appeared.  When the attorney who prepared her mother’s will delivers Anastasia’s personal journals along with the keys to a trust fund Meredith never suspected she had, she and her boyfriend Derek retrace Anastasia’s path west, in search of answers.  Continue reading

Noah’s Wife by T.K. Thorne – Blog Tour, Book Review and Giveaway

I received a free copy for my honest review.

02_NOAH'S WIFE FRONT COVER Final with sticker

About the Book:

Publication Date: April 17, 2011
Blackburn Fork Publishing
Formats: AudioBook, Ebook, Paperback
Pages: 352p

A novel set in 5500 BCE can’t possibly relate to today’s issues— or can it?

Dysfunctional family relationships • Sexual abuse Kidnapping • Love triangle Religious freedom • Autism • Cultural Change

This award-winning novel touches all of these issues with wisdom and humor.

From the perspective of a young girl with what is now known as Aspergers, Thorne weaves twists into the Biblical story, entwining myth, history, and archeological findings with her vivid imagination.

Na’amah wishes only to be a shepherdess on her beloved hills in ancient Turkey— a desire shattered by the hatred of her powerful brother and the love of two men.

Her savant abilities and penchant to speak truth forces her to walk a dangerous path in an age of change— a time of challenge to the goddess’ ancient ways, when cultures clash and the earth itself is unstable. When foreign raiders kidnap her, Na’amah’s journey to escape and return home becomes an attempt to save her people from the disaster only she knows is coming. Continue reading

Baking for the Firemen – Almond Shortbread Cookies

The last time I baked for the firemen was also the night I sent in all of the tasty egg and spring rolls from Tai Pei. I wanted them to also have something sweet to go with their snack. OK, OK, I can’t resist baking. I wanted to stay in theme so I found a cookie recipe for Almond Shortbread on cookingchanneltv.com and doubled it to make enough for the group. I’m giving you the ingredients for a single batch here. It made a really lovely cookie that I’ll make again. I think it would be delicious dipped in chocolate.

Almond Shortbread Cookies

Almond Shortbread Cookies  Continue reading