Holiday 2012 and Beyond: From Fruit to Wine

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Christmas is closing in quickly but there is still time to shop for fun and unique gifts. Some gifts are so much fun they fit the bill for many an occasion beyond the end of the year holidays. Yesterday one of those snazzy gift ideas arrived on my doorstep. Well, it was dropped off on my hay pile, buy heck – it arrived.

Let me tell you about From Fruit to Wine. It’s a wine making kit. How cool is that?! The hubby is very excited. He took it all apart last night and the mini-mad scientist in him is coming out. I had to hear again about his “experiments” in college alcohol making. Let me just say that I am very glad I did not know him then and leave it at that.

This very cool make your own wine kit comes is available in different varieties; I chose Merlot for the hubby ’cause I know that he likes it. I do too but I can’t drink like I used to. It doesn’t mix with the medications but I’ll give the end result a taste test. The only things you need beyond the kit are bottles and the corks which are easy to find on the ‘net.

Would this not make a most excellent Christmas gift?!

You can order one and even if it doesn’t get there in time for the big day there are ways of presenting the gift even though you don’t have it. I do this when something I have ordered hasn’t arrived yet – I print off a photo of whatever it is and I put the photo in a box and wrap that up. The recipient still gets to open a present and if you ask me it makes the whole fun of the holiday last longer because there is still a gift coming and that anticipation is exciting!

You could also request expedited shipping for an additional fee – that fee would depend on where it was going of course.

As soon as the hubby embarks on his wine making endeavor I will be documenting it. I am thinking we will have “Happy Goats Wine” (?!) by Valentine’s Day. Yes, it comes with labels so you can come up with a special name for YOUR wine.

Talk about cool.

And after you have made the first batch you can purchase a restocking kit for $39 and make more. That way you can try each variety and see what you like best.

You can shop for From Fruit to Wine
You can find From Fruit to Wine on Facebook

Disclosure:  I received a wine making kit gratis. Any opinions expressed are my honest opinions and were not impacted by my receipt of the free product. I received no monetary compensation for this post.


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