Baci White Chocolate by Perugina Review

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You will recall that I wrote previously about Perugina’s new Baci White Chocolate. I explained how you could ENTER TO WIN these lovely little kisses as favors for your wedding through October 31, 2013. But what I didn’t tell you was how these little bites tasted.

Because when I wrote that post I didn’t know.
Now I do.
Do you want to know how they taste?


The white chocolate confection shell envelopes a creamy/crunchy whipped chocolate filling with chopped hazelnuts. There is a whole hazelnut on top for that extra bit of crunch and rich flavor.

I went to take pictures to show them to you and found I had eaten them all.
I really enjoyed them.
I didn’t even share with the hubby because he does not like white chocolate.

Each little star covered, foil wrapped treat has a special message inside. A message of love which is why they make perfect wedding favors. I am all in favor of favors that serve a useful purpose. I am all in favor of favors that are edible.

But you don’t need to be having a wedding to enjoy the sweet taste of Baci White Chocolate. You just need to want a treat.

You can find out more about Baci by Perugina
You can shop for Baci by Perugina
You can find Baci by Perugina on Facebook
You can find Baci by Perugina on Pinterest
You can enter to win Baci Favors for your wedding

Disclosure:  I received a free bag of Baci White Chocolates for my honest review. I received no compensation for this post.


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