Book #Review: Remote Exposure by Alexandre Buisse

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About the Book:

Though many hikers and climbers carry cameras with them, they often come away feeling disappointed because their images fail to visually translate their experiences. In Remote Exposure Alexandre Buisse goes beyond the mere basics of photography and gives you the tools needed to create images that are not only of good technical quality but that are compelling as well.

This book will guide you through the various options for equipment, since the requirement for lightweight gear that is able to withstand cold, adverse weather conditions presents unique challenges. Learn about the importance of having an efficient carrying system and a logical, planned workflow.

Throughout the book you will find advice on where to point your camera and how to compose a strong image. Included are specific requirements for rock climbing, hiking, mountaineering, and camping. More advanced photographic topics are also covered such as digital capture and optimization techniques like high dynamic range imaging (HDRI), panoramic stitching, and how to achieve excellent results without a tripod.

The pages are filled with over 100 stunning images captured by Buisse as he hiked and climbed through mountain ranges on three continents. Photographers of all levels and those who just appreciate beautiful images are sure to be inspired by this book.
Foreword by Cory Richards (member of the historic climbing expedition that reached the summit of Gasherbrum II in winter).

About the Author:

Alexandre Buisse was born in Lyon, France. Growing up there meant frequent trips to the Alps, often to the Chamonix valley, which planted the seeds for his love of the mountains. Ironically, it wasn’t until he moved to flat Scandinavia that, pushed by a friend, he took up climbing. He has since traveled and climbed on four continents and in most major world ranges.
Alexandre began taking a serious interest in photography in 2005—just in time for his 20th birthday—and hasn’t put his camera down ever since. His initial motivation was to record and share the wonderful views that he encountered while hiking in the French Alps and, later, on his mountaineering expeditions. Though he also shoots in urban environments, his heart decidedly lies with nature and adventure photography.
He currently lives in Denmark, where he is switching careers from academic research to full-time adventure photography; he plans to move back to France soon.

My Opinion (and the hubby’s!):

I read this and then the hubby did so my review is a little late in being posted so I apologize to the publisher for that. But when the hubby saw the book he was most excited. We both enjoy going on hikes; his are more extensive than mine. He has gone to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and to the highest peak in Texas – Guadalupe Peak. Me – I go for a long walk, you know?

Hubby at bottom of Grand Canyon – obviously HE did not take the photo!

He takes the camera wherever he goes and has always had an interest in photography. He found the book to be excellent. In fact, he grabbed it first and about devoured it. He said he found the information to be very informative and the writing style to be very easy to read. In fact at one point he jumped up, grabbed my camera and made an adjustment.

See – good stuff!

The author uses some fancy cameras but he doesn’t just talk about them. He offers his advice on simple point and shoots as well. A lot of the book is focussed on “expedition” type trips – extended stays in harsh climates. Mountain climbing and the like but the camera advice, for the most part is that which can be used on a hike in the woods.  Like the one the hubby and I took to a lovely place called Cliff Lake last year….

Cliff Lake – absolutely magical place

IN JUNE! Yes, people, June.

The lake was still mostly iced over – in late June!

And there was snow!
Lots of snow.

I felt like I had walked into Brigadoon.

Gotta love Montana.
But I digress.

I figured I had to toss in some photos with a review of a photo taking book, right?

We both enjoyed Remote Exposure but I would say that the hubby got more out of it than I did ’cause I am not one to understand the details of my camera. When I need something changed I hand it to him and say, “fix it, please.”

Anyone who hikes and takes photos would enjoy this book and the photos included within are exceptional.

Disclosure:  I received a gratis copy of Remote Exposure from the publisher. Any opinions expressed are my honest opinions and were not impacted by my receipt of the free book. I received no monetary compensation for this post.


  1. Esme says

    We hiked to the bottom of the grand canyon once for our anniversary. It was spectacular. You have chosen some very lovely places to hike.

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