Cooking Supplies

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As you all know by now I love to cook. In my old house my kitchen was so well stocked you would have thought that the hubby was shopping at a Restaurant Equipment  warehouse. I had every small appliance a girl could want from a deep fryer to a slicer to several food processors. I really think it was more because he didn’t know WHAT to buy me for Christmas and my birthday rather than any other reason. Oh I used them – it was great to have all that convenience there is nothing like a kitchen full of high quality Restaurant Supply type products. It made cooking so much easier.

When we downsized and moved into the trailer I couldn’t take all of it. I had to carefully choose what I wanted the most. It was hard. I was going from a big Victorian house with a large kitchen into a fifthwheel trailer about the size of that kitchen. I didn’t have room for all those appliances that were suited to Hospitaliy Supplies & Hotel Catering Supplies. I left with my KitchenAid and my All-Clad Cop-R-Chef pots and pans. That was it. Nothing else would fit. *sigh*.

Now that I’m back in a big – well, somewhat big – kitchen again I’ve started to rebuild my collection again but I know it will never be as it once was. And that is OK. I don’t really need all those gadgets but it was fun at one time to have had them.


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    That’s too bad that you had to give up so much. It will be fun to rebuild, though.

    When we first built our house, we realized we couldn’t afford the size we wanted, so we shrunk the plan length and width. The kitchen suffered quite a bit. I used to work full-time, so it wasn’t a big deal then, but now, every time I’m working in the kitchen I’m hoping for a larger space. Maybe one day.

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