Dancing at the Chance by DeAnna Cameron #Review

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About the Book:

A chance for love…     A chance for fame…

New York City in 1907 is a kingdom of endless possibilities for anyone who dares to dream. The Gilded Age has ended, and immigrants fill the bustling streets. The glamour of Broadway lures those who desire the limelight—but only a few are fortunate enough to thrive in the lights of a city that casts long, dark, and merciless shadows…

Pepper MacClair and her mother arrived penniless in New York thirteen years ago, and their fortune has not changed. A dancer of fluid grace and motion, Pepper is still only one chorus girl among dozens, struggling for an opportunity to prove herself worthy of something bigger.

For now, Pepper dances at The Chance, a rundown venue long past its prime. It is not only Pepper’s workplace, where she has pushed her physical endurance to its limit, but also her home. And as the larger world changes around her and she is pulled into the intrigues of New York’s elite, it is her last hope, not only to fulfill her dream, but to fulfill her heart.

About the Author:

DeAnna Cameron writes romantic historical fiction featuring feisty heroines destined for passion and fame. Before turning to fiction, DeAnna worked as a journalist, writing and editing for several Southern California newspapers and magazines. She’s a member of the Historical Novel Society, Romance Writers of America and the Literary Guild of Orange County. She lives in Orange County, Calif. with her family, and is at work on her next novel.

My Opinion:

I did not have the honor of reading Ms. Cameron’s first book, The Belly Dancer, but I am going to add it to my ever so long wish list. It is a prequel of sorts (from what I can glean) to Dancing at the Chance as the main character made a large impact on the heroine here, Pepper MacClair (don’t you just love that name?) 

Pepper lives at The Chance theatre and it is all she knows. She is young, very young and as with all young women she thinks she knows everything. She is a very well drawn character to the point that at times I wanted to take her over my knee and spank her. She is at that blind stage of life where she will not listen to anyone, she knows what is RIGHT and she believes that love will conquer all. As one reads one knows she is in for it. And that pre-knowledge is, I feel, an integral part of the book.

The Chance is a dying theatre. Vaudeville is reaching its zenith as moving pictures are starting to come on the scene. The great Flo Ziegfeld has arrived on the scene and the smaller theatres are not standing a chance (no pun intended) against his large productions. Pepper thinks she has all the answers but she doesn’t realize how hard it is for the stage manager to get acts into a run down theatre. He treats her like dirt; criticizing her every performance. This was one thing I could not understand – I never did find the root of his focus on Pepper and his constant griping at her. Perhaps the answer is in The Belly Dancer

Pepper is in love with the owner’s son and longs for marriage but he only offers far less. Since she has little self esteem she accepts his offer of being his mistress. She thinks he is the answer to her prayers; she thinks he will save The Chance. She refuses to see what is in front of her eyes. 

In spite of her immaturity I liked Pepper and I was rooting for her and The Chance. I enjoyed my time in this theatre and with all of the very interesting characters therein. Pepper has a lot of friends, it just took her some time to realize it. The ending was a big surprise and leaves me hoping for another book detailing Pepper’s future. Ms. Cameron has a magical way with the backstage world and as with most people in love with the theatre I thoroughly enjoyed my time with all of the players of The Chance.

You can read an excerpt HERE

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Disclosure:  I received an e-copy of Dancing at the Chance from the author gratis. Any opinions expressed are my honest opinions and were not impacted by my receipt of the free e-book. I received no monetary compensation for this post.


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    Thank you for the terrific review, Patty! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Dancing at The Chance. And I would love to continue Pepper’s story… I want to know what happens next, too :)
    Thanks again,

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