Feeling Secure in Your Home

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I live in the middle of nowhere. There is some comfort in that and some not so comfort in that. 
I listen to the news every night and I hear of the crime in the cities and of course the recent spate of shootings is impossible to avoid. Now don’t get me wrong – I love city life. When we lived in New Jersey I adored heading into Philadelphia or New York for a day or even a weekend to take advantage of all that you can’t find in more rural areas but I don’t think I could live full time in a city.

I am happy to live in the middle of nowhere.
It’s quiet.
It’s peaceful.
But even out here there are times I don’t feel completely safe.
I wrote recently of the hubby’s vacation. I was here on the farm all by myself. Times have been tough in our little town just like in most parts of the country and I didn’t like the feeling of being alone. It might have been nice to have a security system on the yurt maybe with a video surveillance camera. Even just the knowledge around town that such a system was in place is a deterrent. There are no secrets in small towns – we all know that! There is a personal comfort in knowing that you can see what is going on outside while you are safe and warm inside.

I feel safe in my town and I am grateful for that. Hubby is back home and I truly don’t fear break ins. Well, we do have them occasionally but there is not much I can do about them. And having a security system would not help in the least….

….goats don’t care about surveillance cameras. They just go where they want to go and do what they want to do. Crazy animals! Maybe I need some kind of system for their barn. That’s the ticket! I could put that camera up and watch what they are doing. Or I could be like the Johnsons. 

What? You don’t know them? Well, come Meet the Johnson’s! You can see how they use modern technology to enjoy their date night yet still know their daughter is safe while with the babysitter.

All of these newfangled inventions sure do make it easier to feel safer in your home. When I was a little girl living in Philadelphia in the 60ies my parents had a home security system. 
They did! 
Her name was Sally – she was a Great Dane!

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  1. says

    You can buy these el cheapo fake cameras that come with a little red light to let people know that they are ‘on’. They don’t record anything or feed video anywhere – they are cheap fakes. But visitors and potential criminals don’t know that! Easy to install and maintain too. Just a thought.

  2. says

    I’ve actually thought of a video surveillance camera for here. We live on a cul-de-sac with woods on two sides. It would be easy for someone to park on the next street and travel through the woods into our yard without being seen. It’s very dark back there.

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