From Fruit to Wine – We Have Wine!

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In the middle of December I received a make your own wine kit for review. The company that sent the kit is From Fruit to Wine. I had been given a choice of several different kinds of wine and the hubby chose merlot. Making wine is not an immediate gratification kind of thing but it has been fun to watch the hubby go through the steps to reach the finale – bottling – which he did this past weekend. Not one step was difficult but he did have to take care with keeping things clean and be sure to use the sanitizer that came along with the kit. So here in pictures is the making of wine:

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!
Add wine base and water
Add yeast, let do its thing until it stops doing its thing
Seal up!
First racking – from one bucket to the other leaving the goopy stuff behind
Do this again for the second racking and then….
Time to bottle! Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!
Hubby used half sized bottles as I don’t drink wine.
Feline overseer.
Nothing gets done around here without one.
Not necessary to making of wine.
Sanitize corks
Put cork in bottle
Use corker thingie
Again and again and again
Add labels
Let sit for a minimum of two weeks, then enjoy!
The kit comes with labels! There are templates on the site or I am sure the creative among you could get truly fancy. I was doing two other things when hubby yelled out, “what about labels?” and so I went simple. I think next time I’ll make ’em all Pricillaed up. I think wine with her cute little face would be spiffy.

We are going to open a bottle for our anniversary on the 20th. It’s a touch sooner than the recommended two weeks but IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY! Thirty one years – that deserves a bottle of Happy Goats Wine, doesn’t it?

Hubby had fun making the wine. He’s already considering making a white so I have it for cooking. I run through a LOT of white wine around these parts in my cooking. I’ve moved from splits to keeping a box o’wine in the ‘fridge. How cool would it be to have homemade wine to put in my homemade food?

It wasn’t hard to make, you just have to follow the directions. We took a little taste before it went in the bottle and it definitely tasted like wine! I’ll let you know what it’s like after it’s done it’s sitting. The bottles are on their sides in the basement.

So keep From Fruit to Wine in mind for a great and unique gift or as a fun project for the adult family members.
You can shop for From Fruit to Wine
You can find From Fruit to Wine on Facebook
Disclosure: I received a wine making kit for free for my honest review. I received no compensation for this post.


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    That is pretty darn cool! We have toyed with the idea of winemaking, but haven’t found the time yet. I like the label – Happy Goats….drunk on left over crushed grapes.

  2. says

    Another neat product. I’ve never thought of making wine, but we have a friend who opened up his own winery a couple of years ago. While I don’t drink, the hubby likes to have a nice bottle of merlot on hand for when I make steak.

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