Hope for Yurtgress!

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After months – could it be over a year? – of nothing new on the yurt front there will be yurtgress this year! Can I hear a hallelujah?! How about a woo hoo?! I’m ready to do the goat dance of joy! There are several interior projects that WILL get finished, some I HOPE will get finished and some I DREAM will get finished. But that is building your own house, right?

One big exterior project is getting done this year too. But first the interior stuff. I’ll start with the hopes; I am truly hoping to see some window blinds in the bedroom. It would be really nice to not feel so (literally) naked with nothing on those windows. The hubby tells me that nobody can see in but I still feel as if EVERYBODY can see in. I respect that the yurt is a long distance from the road but it’s more about how I feel than reality. I’m sure that I can get some sympathy here, yes?

I am also hoping for blinds on the window over the kitchen sink. In the summer the sun hits in such a way as to blind me (no pun intended) when I am working there. It’s at its worst when I am doing the most of my canning. I’m tired of having to squint.

The BIG, big project inside is the building of the bookshelves for the back side of the kitchen counter. This is HUGE. It will finish off this area which is a true eyesore right now. It will provide me with space to arrange my cookbooks and to display some of my pretty dishware. It will also let us build in the new wine cooler/cheese cave. It’s going to look gorgeous.

Outside we are going to have the deck put on! I am also really, REALLY excited about this. For a number of reasons; it will be so nice to sit out and have coffee on the deck. I won’t have to go downstairs to let the cats in and I will have a far less slippery way to get into the house in the winter.  The yurt kit came with an 8 x 12′ deck but we are going to add a walk around deck. It won’t be super wide but I think it will be really spiffy.

Now, if anyone knows a company that would like me to review blinds and deck furniture send ’em my way. heh


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    oooh, I would like the deck! I hate all those projects that need to be done. I have a list as well. Problem is that there is never enough time or money to get them all done. :(

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    You don’t like chickens looking in your bedroom windows? The deck will be a lovely addition.. we added a tiny piece of deck outside the kitchen two years ago… it faces east it’s a great way to start a sunny summer morning!

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