Is Your Student Athlete at Risk for Sudden Heart Failure? Find Out

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One never thinks that a young, healthy looking athletic teenager could be at risk for sudden heart failure but it does happen. There are ways to help families recognize the risks and PartnersHub is working with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center with a LIVE Question and Answer session.

The Q and A takes place April 9th from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST with Jeffrey Towbin, MD and John Lynn Jefferies, MD.


If defibrillation is administered within one minute of collapse, the survival rate for sudden heart failure goes up 90 percent. “Timing is key to survival. Waiting even 10 minutes to defibrillate drops the chances of survival to 10 percent,” says John Lynn Jefferies, MD.

Additional Facts:
Top 5 risk factors for sudden heart failure in student athletes:
1. Family history of sudden death.
2. Fainting or family history of fainting.
3. Family history of arrhythmias or heart muscle disease.
4. Participation in sports (particularly sports that require a burst of activity like basketball, hockey and football).
5. Athlete has gone through puberty (an athlete’s body is stronger at this point and has power during the burst of activity).

This is an important topic and if you have a student athlete in your family you could glean some very important information at this session.

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As the email to me said – if this helps one person it is well worth my posting about it.

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