Make Your Deviled Eggs Special with NEW French’s Dijon Mustard with Chardonnay and Frank’s RedHot #Recipe, sort of

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I loves me some deviled eggs.
Good thing I have a few chickens running around to provide me with eggs.
Whenever I make the delicious little snacks I change my recipe up a bit with whatever I might have on hand in my refrigerator. 

This go-round I was lucky enough to have some of the brand new French’s Dijon Mustard with Chardonnay to use.

To make good deviled eggs one must first have hard boiled eggs. This tends to be tricky when one’s eggs are as fresh as mine are. Eggs peel better when they are a bit old. So to help myself along I used a few tricks I have learned after making more egg salad than deviled eggs if you know what I mean…..

1. put the eggs in a pot and cover with cold water.
2. bring said pot to a boil over high heat.
3. once the water boils turn off the heat and let the eggs sit for half an hour.
4. drain the hot water and put the eggs in an ice water bath. Let them sit for 15 minutes.
5. peel and pray.

If your eggs are older – like more than a week old – you probably won’t have as many problems as I tend to have. My eggs are usually no more than two days old at the most.  I didn’t want to make a lot of deviled eggs this time as it was just for a snack for the hubby and myself. I wanted 4 well peeled eggs so I boiled 6. I got what I needed and the other two eggs made, yup – egg salad.

Now for the fun – cut the hard boiled eggs in half. Put the yolks in a bowl.

Line up the whites for later stuffing.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me a lot of deviled eggs is about “a little of this and a little of that.” This means my measurements are, erm, fluid. To the bowl of yolks add:

a big splort of French’s Dijon Mustard with Chardonnay
Twice as much mayo
salt and pepper to taste.

Mash it all up with a fork.
Mash it good.

I was making two different kinds of eggs so I divided the mixture in half. I took half the mixture and filled four of the egg halves and sprinkled some paprika on top.

The second half was for the hubby. He likes his food with a bit of a bite. I added several good shakes of Frank’s Red Hot to the egg yolk mixture and stirred it well.

I filled the remaining four white halves and then I topped them with a bit of Frank’s Sweet Chili Sauce. This added some additional depth to the flavor as well as a lovely bit of decoration.

As you can see they do look quite pretty.

We both enjoyed our eggs; the hubby actually had some of both flavors. He was most fond of the hot ones. The French’s mustard added a delicious flavor to the egg yolks and I know I’ll be using it again when I make deviled eggs. The hubby liked the heat of the hot sauce and the slightly sweet addition the chili dipping sauce added.

Both products made something as simple as deviled eggs very special.

You can find French’s on Facebook
You can find French’s on Twitter
You can find French’s on YouTube
You can find recipes to use with French’s products

You can find Frank’s RedHot on Facebook
You can find Frank’s on YouTube
You can find recipes to use with Frank’s products

Both French’s and Frank’s products are available at your local grocery store.
Look for money saving coupons on both sites.

Frank’s RedHot is running a Photo Contest where you can win a scooter cooler – you can find all of the details on their Facebook Page.

I will have more recipes (with better measurements, heh) coming up using both French’s Dijon Mustard with Chardonnay and Frank’s RedHot so stay tuned!

Disclosure:  I received samples of French’s and Frank’s gratis. Any opinions expressed are my honest opinions and were not impacted by my receipt of the free products. I received no monetary compensation for this post.


  1. says

    you will not find a table in a restaurant in this city that does not have a bottle of frank’s red hot on it. people put it on everything here. they now make it in thick form too which i love!

  2. says

    I use Frank’s RedHot often too. I didn’t know about the new mustard, but I’ve used French’s Dijon Mustard in the past. Yummy. Oh, and those deviled eggs look scrumptious.

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