Michael Bolton Goes Funny or Die with Cedar, Pine and Corn from Tidy Cats!

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Have you heard of the new band Cedar, Pine and Corn?
You haven’t?!
Well you are not alone.
Michael Bolton didn’t know of them either but he’s met them now – check this out:

That is Michael’s Funny or Die debut! He is tired of his “Michael Bolton Lifestyle.” heh

I just love the facial hair.

Now I didn’t know about Cedar, Pine and Corn either but I’m going to know them now. I’m also going to introduce them to the Farm cats.

Why you ask?

Well because Cedar, Pine and Corn, a group of cat-centric crooners, was created by Tidy Cats to celebrate its newest alternative litter product – Pure Nature – in a fun way for cat owners. Pure Nature is 99.9% natural and made with corn cob by-product sourced from seed corn production, and cedar and pine recycled from construction, furniture, and window manufacturing whenever available.

I think the Farm cats are going to approve. 

Disclosure:  I will be receiving a sample of Tidy Cats Pure Nature for review. I received no other compensation for this post.

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