Mike and Ike Go Retro! Review

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You will remember the SHOCK last year when Mike and Ike split up! Despite their creative differences they are coming together to release – FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! – their beloved retro flavors, Cherri and Bubb (cherry-bubblegum) and Lem and Mel (lemon-watermelon). These treats will only be available until mid-April so you had better go out and grab them fast if you want a taste of the past.

I was lucky enough to be sent some of these yummy treats and my sweet tooth is very, very happy. My favorite is the bubblegum – I would have sworn that I had gum in my mouth; the taste was THAT true. The others were good but the bubblegum was FANTASTIC.

Here’s the OFFICIAL press release so you know I’m not telling tales:

Bethlehem, PA (February, 2013) –The makers of MIKE AND IKE®  announce the limited return of MIKE AND IKE®CHERRI AND BUBB® and MIKE AND IKE® LEM AND MEL® candies available now through April, 2013.  The candies first became a hit in 1989 (CHERRI AND BUBB®) and 1991(LEM AND MEL®) and have been long sought out by candy lovers for some time.
Both retro flavors combine two great tasting fruits for a sweet and unique combination.  CHERRI AND BUBB is a blend of Cherry and Bubblegum flavors and LEM AND MEL is a mix of Lemon and Watermelon flavors.
“We are very excited to bring back CHERRI AND BUBB® and LEM AND MEL®,” says Donald Houston, Senior Marketing Manager for MIKE AND IKE®.  “We hope this will inspire good memories from our loyal fans and introduce a new group of MIKEAND IKE lovers to these favorites from the past.  Perhaps this might even inspire Mike and Ike to rekindle their friendship and business relationship.”
MIKE AND IKE® CHERRI AND BUBB® and MIKE AND IKE® LEM AND MEL® are hitting shelves now and will only be available through April 2013.  Both flavors come in a 5 oz box with an SRP ranging from $1.00-$1.39.
The MIKE AND IKE® split shocked the world last spring, generating a high volume of fan and celebrity reactions.  The independent and talented duo has decided to follow their true passions. Mike is a musician at heart and produced a music video; Ike is an urban artist and a lover of art. Their split is not unlike that of other famous celebrity duos like Simon and Garfunkel or Lennon and McCartney.
To keep up to date on the split, and all other things pertaining to MIKE AND IKE® please visit them at:
I hope they get back together, don’t you? I hate to see any good friendship break up.
Pick up some Mike and Ike’s they would be great in Easter Baskets or just for a fun snack.
I enjoyed mine. I even shared with the hubby.
Disclosure:  I was sent free samples of Mike and Ike’s for an honest review. I received no compensation for this post.


  1. says

    I must admit I was never a fan of them. Now Hot Tamales I loved!!

    Reminds me that Mike & Ike’s are on the list I have to buy for our School Olympic concession stand.

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