NewAir AW-210ED Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review

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I would very much like to introduce you to my brand new thermoelectric wine cooler from NewAir!

Isn’t it pretty?
Isn’t it sleek?
Isn’t it boo-ti-ful?

I think so!
It’s model number NewAir AW-210ED and it has two sections.
Why am I so excited about that?
Because each section can be set for its own temperature.

I know it’s hard to see because of my abysmally bad photography but the top says 57° and the bottom 51°

Very cool, right?
It means I can have two different cheeses curing at the correct temperature!
I don’t have to have my cheddar and my parmesean in the same section while I hope for the best.

No, I can regulate things now.
I will be in CHEESE HEAVEN!

What you ask?
What does any of this have to to do with NewAir’s gorgeous thermoelectric wine cooler?
Well, wine coolers are excellent vehicles for the curing of cheese.
Of course they are also perfect for the storing of wine but I am not conventional, am I?

My new cooler arrived in a big box and hubby rolled it up the steps on a whosimawhatsit (pardon my technical terminology). He unpacked it and there it was…..

We knew we were going to put it under the countertop on the side looking out into the great room. We are having someone in very shortly to build the bookshelves that will complete this area and it will be built in. Until then it is just well, resting there. It’s going to look so sharp with the shelves around it! I cannot wait for that to happen. It’s only been THREE YEARS.

It was VERY easy for the hubby to get out of the box and move around. It has little wheels!
(You must pardon my photos; it was night and therefore darkish in the house and since I am a camera incompetent the lighting led to well, what you see.)

We decided to put it on the end as it gets a bit deeper there.

Of course the yurt was mess (Is always a mess?) so ignore that please.
After it comes out of the box it needs to sit for a couple of hours to settle in.
Then it gets a wipe down with some baking soda and water and it’s ready to use!

We plugged it in and it was ready to go. It has a really cool lighting system so that the wine (cheese) inside can be shown off if you want. I’ll be sure to do that once I get some in there.


In fact I’ll be making a cheese in the next week or so and I’ll show you the process and its entrance into its brand new, grand resting place for the 6 months for curing. Hopefully I’ll have this baby full in no time!

See those bottles in the top section. This is MINE, MINE, all MINE! heh

Although I might have a battle with the hubby – he did bottle his wine yesterday…..

So stay tuned for more about my NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler. It’s for wine, it’s for cheese. It’s a party all by itself!

You can learn more at NewAir where they also sell a variety of home appliances.

Disclosure:  I was sent a wine cooler free for my honest opinion. I received no compensation for this post.


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    Oh what a cool cooler! You definitely must have a homemade cheese / homemade wine party, even if it’s for two (with serious feline and goat supervision, of course, we cannot have the humans just sitting around and relaxing all by themselves!)

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