Pawalla Mini Box – Review

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The Farm cats have it pretty good around these parts. They eat well, they have lots of boxes and in the case of Harry, all the mouse brains he could want to eat. But that does not mean that I don’t keep looking for better food and treats for them. I like to keep them as healthy as I can on the budget I have. A great way to discover new products and see if the cats will like them is with Pawalla Mini. 

In each Pawalla Mini box you receive three full sized products for your pet (dog or cat) to try:

One treat
One toy
One surprise

My box arrived and when I opened it I saw this:

Pretty spiffy, right?

So you can see each item all lined up. As you notice, I received 4 products in my box. A very pleasant surprise!

The first thing I opened was the Grizzly Nutreats Premium Salmon Treats for Cats. Harry gave them the all important “sniff test.” The bottle says these are also good for ferrets; I think Harry wouldn’t mind a ferret.

He took to them right away! I had to be careful I didn’t lose my finger! Sherpa likes them too. Pumpkin does not eat treats. I do not know what is wrong with him!

For their dinner that night I re-hydrated the grace food for cats. After it sat for a bit it looked  – well it looked like cat food looks which is pretty disgusting to humans no matter how you try and describe it.

I put it down in two bowls. They all had a turn at it. Even Stinky who is a fussy eater. I just didn’t get her on camera as she is a stealth eater.

Sherpa seemed to like it the least of the four of them. He more sniffed it than anything else. Pumpkin liked it the most. 

The catnip filled leather toys were a big hit. Harry claimed one right away and Sherpa had serious fun too. I will show more “action shots” on Pricilla’s blog for Farm Cat Friday later this week.

I haven’t used the Grizzly Food Supplement yet. I will report on that on Farm Cat Friday as well.

I had never seen dehydrated cat food before so it was most interesting to learn of it. The cats were quite mixed on it so I don’t think it’s anything I will be buying in the future but it is certainly something to have in the back of my mind for storage in case of evacuation issues and such.

The treats were a big hit and I suspect I’ll be buying these in the future. They are healthier for the “kids” and it’s a little thing I can do for them. The toys were great. The leather will wear well although, per usual they have ripped the tail off of one already. What is it will cats and ripping the tails off of toy mice?

I think the Pawalla Mini would make a fun gift for the pet lover in your life or a great way for you to discover new and different pet products. It’s available at different price points for different levels of participation – you can read all about it at the Pawalla Mini FAQ

You can shop for Pawalla Mini
You can shop for Pawalla (full sized box)
You can find Pawalla on Facebook 
You can find PawallaBox on Twitter
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Disclosure:  I received a Pawalla Mini Box free for my honest review. I received no compensation for this post.


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