Photo Challenge – Week 18: Abstract

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This week’s challenge from Sally at The Studio Sublime is, I must admit, my least favorite so far – Abstract.

Abstract: the use of a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.

 I am not at all experienced with my Photoshop Elements. I barely know how it works so I fear my photo is a weak showing. I just cropped my picture and added a effect. I have no story to go with it this week.

It’s my meyer lemon tree in bloom. Although I am excited to report that I did also find a little lemon on the tree! It’s the first fruit it has grown in my 4 years of babying the tree.

Be sure to check out what I am sure are going to be beautiful works of true art at Sally’s blog, The Studio Sublime.

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    So is it suppose to produce edible lemons? I babied a walnut tree for ten years in SK.. the first three it got run over by the lawn mower… don’t think it even had a flower! Her I haven’t even tried to plant something that produces something useful.. the deer have enough food!

  2. says

    Wonderful photo! I love the shadows and the effects you created. Your photo has great texture too.

    My husband put photoshop elements on my computer the day before this assignment was due and I fiddled around with it a bit, but learning PE takes a lot of time. I felt my photos did not quite fit the assignment.

    Congratulations on your first lemon!!!!!!

  3. says

    Yep, this is abstract alright. Check out the shapes the leaves make as the meet each other and cross,..very cool. And your effects you have used make it even more amazing!!

  4. says

    I like the texture effect you chose very much. Looks a lot like an abstract to me! I know what you mean, I struggled too. I almost passed this week. But I’m glad I didn’t as I see that many of us had the same reaction :-)

  5. says

    That is a great abstract!
    I would love to have a lemon tree. I don’t know that I would be patient enough to wait that long for the first lemon though!

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