Photo Challenge, Week 21 – Reminisce

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It’s week 21 and the prompt from Sally at The Studio Sublime for the photo challenge this week is “Reminisce.”

Have you ever been in the middle of a busy day and all of a sudden you run across a certain baked good, candy, flower or an object catches your attention and you are sent right back to your childhood? 
This week capture what takes you back to moments past and reminisce a little.

I must admit that I had some trouble with this one. When we sold everything we owned and moved into the fifthwheel trailer to travel around the country I kept very little. I gave anything that had sentimental value to my brothers. The few things I kept for myself were my Christmas ornaments, some jewelry and a couple of knickknacks. There just wasn’t room in the trailer for 20 years of accumulated life so I had to be very judicious in what I chose to take with me and most of what I took served a purpose.

I did, though take this little guy. I bought him on my high school trip to France when I was a junior (16 yrs old). It was quite an experience for me and it was a major expense for my parents. I had very little spending money and couldn’t buy very many souvenirs.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I’ve since developed a serious love for gargoyles and have had them in all my houses since I got married. My little friend here – a replica of one of the gargoyles on Notre Dame de Paris was my first but most decidedly not my last.

When I pass him on my bookshelf I remember that wonderful trip. My time with my school friends; one of whom is still my best friend to this day. I remember the glory of Paris, the beauty of the Loire Valley, the magnificence of Mont St. Michel and the kindness of the many shop people in France who patiently listened to a young girl attempting to speak their language.

I don’t have many photos of the trip as it was taken in the “olden days” before the time of digital cameras. Film and developing were expensive. You took many photos and the bulk of them were useless; out of focus or poorly framed. I so want to go back but I doubt it’s in the cards for me.

So I reminisce.

Be sure to visit the remembrances at The Studio Sublime.

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  1. says

    What fun! I did end up with a high school trip, the year ahead of me caused quite the scandal and ours was cancelled. Oh well. I have family across several English cities, Spain and the French countyside. Someday we will make it to France and stay in the home my Aunt and Uncle rent out for parts of the year. Someday for certain. My husband is French Canadian so at least I have him for backup when my French fails

  2. says

    What a wonderful memory. I also spent some time in Paris when I was in my 20’s. What’s funny is that when I acquired my addiction for gargoyles.

  3. says

    Lovely post and I SO hope you make it back some day and that it’s even more beautiful and fun than it was the first time!! Here’s to dreams!!!

  4. says

    What a lovely memory and even though you don’t have the photos you do have something to remind you of it, I do hope you get to go back one day, you never know!

  5. says

    We didn’t have high school trips.. although the year I was 15 I saved enough money babysittings (40 cents and hour) to pay for a 45 day plane ticket to Europe. ($800?) I stayed with friends that I had met when we lived there 3 years early then flew to London and visited relatives all over England… WOuld love to go to Paris, it wasn’t part of either of those trips.

  6. says

    What good taste you had as a girl to buy something so unique! Many of us come home with tee shirts and miniature spoons! And what a great opportunity. I have never been to Paris and would love to go one day.

  7. Janet Bocciardi says

    It’s funny. If one of us had seen everything you’d passed on and kept this we’d wonder. Now we know how so many memories can be attached even to an inexpensive souvenir.

    I was lucky to see Mont St Michel too – I’ll never forget that magical place.

  8. says

    You never know what kind of item holds that connection to our past! I love finding something small and inexpensive as my “memory marker”. Easy to pack, easy to keep and tons of enjoyment.

    And never say never!! You just might be back. You can send your wish out into the universe…you might be surprised!

    PS Did you happen to write about your RV experiences at all? I’d love to hear your story sometime!

  9. says

    What a great memory of your school years. And what a thrill to travel to such an amazing place. I’m glad you held on to this little guy.

  10. says

    OK, Patty, now I’m really jealous. :-) My parents are from France, from the SE mountains around Grenoble…it is my dream to get there some day. I’m glad to hear people were kind to you there; it’s not something we’re known for LOL!! What a wonderful trip, and a wonderful memory.

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