Photo Challenge, Week 22 – Foodie

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Another week, another prompt for the year long photo challenge from Sally at The Studio Sublime.
This week – Foodie.

Are you a foodie?
Did you know that the photos most taken and uploaded to Instagram are food? I’m not kidding!
Everyone looks at food differently, but we must admit that we all have some type of connection to food.   What seems little a simple plate of food can turn out to be so much more.  Food can brings us together, affect are well being and bring us comfort when sad. 
So this week I ask you to capture a photo of,
“What ya eatin’?”

I cook a LOT.
I bake a LOT.
I blog my results.
I have lots and lots of photos of my food.

So what to choose?

A classic, that’s what!
I love making souffles. To me they are one of my favorite meals. Easy to put together, heavenly to eat and beautiful to behold when they come out of the oven.

If you’d like the recipe you can find it HERE. Nothin’ fancy. Just a classic cheese souffle.

Be sure to check out what everyone else cooked at The Studio Sublime.

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  1. says

    My mother always made souffle for boxing day lunch… I know last week was reminiscing… Your looks great… even though I dislike cooking intensley that is something I might make!

  2. says

    Thanx for the recipe Patty. I am a good cook but I have never made a souffle. Your pic made me want to try making one. My Betty Crocker cookbook looks like yours does.

  3. says

    You have captured the personality of a soufflé so well! All the cracks and crevices just begging to be explored with a spoon!

  4. Janet Bocciardi says

    Beautiful souffle! I tried making them once and they fell soon after removing them from the oven. I need insider secrets!!

  5. says

    Oh my! I love soufflés, but I thought they were THE hardest thing! How do yours not collapse??
    Have a really great week, and thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :) (I’m assuming you’re the Patty who dropped by… so sorry if you’re not, and have a great week anyway!)

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