Photo Challenge, Week 24 – Green

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It’s another week and another photo prompt from Sally at The Studio Sublime. I must admit that this week’s prompt was difficult not because it would be a challenge to find a subject but rather because this time of year I’m just about surrounded by…..GREEN.

We are going green for this weeks Focus On Life photo. 
GREEN!  The color of balance, learning, growth and harmony! GREEN evokes feelings of calm and symbolizes self-respect and well being.  What a great color to focus on!
*Grab your cameras and find some green

The mountains are greening up, the grass is green, the weeds are green. Despite Kermit’s lament – it’s very easy being green right now. Except in our garden. Most everything in the garden has just been planted so if one looks at it one sees more brown than green; well really more white, red, and black than green given the hubby’s use of ground coverings and shade things. Obviously HE is the gardener.

But come August it’s an explosion of greens. Glorious shades of greens.

 photo goats20112040.jpg

Erm, it’s also when I find greens in the goats’ mouths.

You see the spoiled creatures get the tops and other detritus when I process the vegetables.

Needless to say, the goats love when the garden comes in.
Especially Pricilla.

So around these parts green can show up in places one might not expect.

Be sure to check out everyone’s look at the color green at The Studio Sublime.

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  1. says

    They look pretty happy with their spread of green indeed! Always love seeing their exploits.

    Oh and we bought a pass to the museum I was blogging about so we will be back to see the goats when they arrive :)

  2. says

    Your goats look guilty with all that green hanging out of their mouths.. I don’t have any ruhbarb here…. Love Rhubarb pie Think Pricilla will share?

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