Photo Challenge, Week 36: In Two

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I cannot believe how quickly this week passed! So here it is Friday again and time for another Photo Challenge post. This week’s prompt from Sally at The Studio Sublime is In Two. I’m still up to my eyeballs in vegetables which are coming to me in bushels it seems, not two by two so I’m using old photos and punting this week. I must also apologize for not visiting everyone last week – if I wasn’t canning, I was getting a 200 mini soap order finished for a wedding or I was collapsed on the sofa.  It was a tough week for me.  This week should be much better. I do so appreciate everyone who stopped by to visit….

So, most of my goat kids come in pairs. We’ve had:

Sarah and Michael, the first kids born on the farm.

Emily and Jeffrey.

Timmy and Lew.

Thelma and Louise.

Bruce and Clarence.

And of course Mick and Keith!

There have been a lot of single goats along the way and Abby’s record breaking triplets this year but most often we see kids In Two.

Be sure to visit all of the other blogs to see what they are seeing In Two this week thanks to Sally from The Studio Sublime.


  1. says

    How come Sarah and Michael are brown and all the rest are black or were they the only twins that Priscilla had! THey are so cute… to bad they grown up … and they would eat all the flowers that the deer didn’t get first! My life is not compatiable with goats!

    • says

      BINGO! They are Pricilla’s only twins here. Before them she had Abby and her twin who didn’t come to the farm and after Michael and Sarah she had little Kevin who was just about all white.

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