Photo Challenge, Week 9 – Knock Knock

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The photo challenge continues as week 9 brings the prompt, Knock Knock. Sally from The Studio Sublime tell us:

 Let’s open some doors to see what awaits us on the other side.
Is it a door that holds opportunity?
A door that holds a story?
Is it a door you have been hesitating to open?
Is a gate to a new life?
A door to a new adventure?
Is it a door that holds a memory?
Is it the perfect door for a simple picture?
You have arrived at the door for a reason, open it up and step in

A door.
Well heaven knows I have walked through many a door in my day but for this week’s challenge I chose a very simple, very unassuming door – the door to my goat barn.

As you can see it is truly nothing special.
It’s plywood.
It’s been butt.
It’s been gnawed.
It’s weathered and worn.
And it has a few screws loose.
Hmmm, that door is rather like me.

But I open that door and every day I smile.
I smile if my head is aching.
I smile if I would rather still be in bed.
I smile if it is pouring down rain.
I smile because those goats just make me smile.

They are my exercise and on many a morning when I am really feeling miserable they force me out of bed and get me moving. And they make me feel just a little bit better even if I care for them and go right back to bed. They are good for me.

You see our lives changed very dramatically in 1996 when I was diagnosed with two brain abnormalities; a rare condition called Chiari Malformation and a rather large aneurysm at the juncture of my carotid and opthalmic arteries just behind my right eye. Woo hoo, brain surgery for me.

I had the aneurysm clipped in December of 1996. 
Fun times, that.
It left me with a chronic headache and double vision.
I had surgery for the Chiari Malformation in May (?) of 1998.
It was less than successful. It’s a progressive disease with symptoms that will sometimes mimic MS. I have memory problems, balance issues and I don’t really feel my hands or feet. Pain in my shoulders and now my hips. 
As I said, fun times.

But I’m alive.
I wake up EVERY morning feeling like I have the worst hangover of my life.
See why I don’t want to get out of bed?
But I have to take care of the goats.

And it’s good I do because once I get moving around and out in the fresh air and laughing at their antics on most days I start to feel a little bit better. Laughter is good for the soul. 

Those little caprines are EXPENSIVE to keep but this is one expense my husband does not complain about all that much in the scheme of our very tight budget. He knows how good they are for me. I know how good they are for me in spite of the days when they band together to drive me CRAZY.

So I walk through that door every day knowing that I will come back out of it smiling.
That plain plywood door.
All weathered and worn.
It’s a door that promises me joy.

I’m not the only one who walks through that door every day.
But you don’t want to see what Harry the Farm cat brings out of the goat barn.
It’s not pretty.
But the goats thank him for his mousing prowess.

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  1. says

    Blogger is eating about 1 in 3 comments today! Getting smart I’m copying them before I hit post now! I’ve seen that barn door, and I’ve met a number of the goats… are you saying that the goats don’t earn their keep with your lovely goat soap?

    Havng a reason to get up in the morning is always good… it;s snowing here today and even though I have beads that want to be removed from the kiln and admired(?) so far the snow is winning! BUt they don’t butt me if I ignore them!

  2. says

    What fun to have goats. I would love to have some myself one day.

    I hate to hear that you’ve gone through so much. I have a friend that was diagnosed with Chiari about a year ago. She’s had the surgery but is in a lot of pain most of the time. I like your positive outlook and take on your life. Good for you!!

  3. says

    I absolutely love your door! Not only for what it brings you, but for what you bring to those inside it. And, it’s just a lovely little door, truth be told!!

  4. says

    A beautiful story – with a beautiful door: one that opens to love and hope. Your goats seem like lovely creature, bringing you joy every day!

  5. says

    beautiful post Patty, and glad you have your goats to look after you :) what a tough thing to live with, but you are so positive about it – I love that! It is a beautifully, unassuming door with such meaning behind it

  6. Janet Bocciardi says

    Never knowing what life is going to bring – you’re enjoying a new unexpected life with the sweet face of a goat. Hugs.

  7. says

    You demonstrate such a great attitude! I live with chronic pain as well, and it can be tough to show it who’s boss. You and the goats are winning! Keep up the good work!

  8. says

    I am so happy that your goats bring you such joy. Pets are wonderful and such a great reason to get out of bed in the morning.

  9. says

    I thought it was a cool door and now I think it is a beautiful door. That you get up everyday to take care of the goats is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story.

  10. says

    Your goats do seem like they are your lifeline, life can be so simple and joyful if we look at it that way, isn’t it? I feel the same way when I see wild flowers. Full of hope and happiness!

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