Please Vote….A Great Prom is on the Line

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Not for me, but rather for a high school back in New Jersey.
My sister in law is a science teacher at the school and if you remember I wrote how devastated my old home town was by Hurricane Sandy. This is not my high school, it hadn’t been built when I went to school but had the hubby and I had children this is where they would have gone.

Rent the Runway is having a contest to give a school that was impacted by Hurricane Sandy a very grand prom. The students from Pinelands Regional sent in the required video and it was selected as one of the four finalists! 

Now it is up to the voting public! I am asking you to take a minute of your time to vote for Pinelands to win the prom. 

It’s really simple – you just go HERE and LIKE RENT THE RUNWAY and then VOTE for Pinelands Regional High School. From what I understand the vote won’t count unless you like Rent the Runway.

You can VOTE ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS and the winner will be announced on April 1st.

When I first opened the page a box came up to sign up for the site. I didn’t sign up and it did not impact my ability to vote.

I’m going to put a widget on my sidebar to make it easy to vote every day. I really appreciate any one who can vote for these kids.

Thank you!


  1. says

    I voted! Be sure to remind me and I’ll keep voting every day. I hope they win!

    (Does anyone need a really pretty pink prom dress???)

  2. says

    Voted! I wasn’t sure if it took because the blue bars under the Vote button kept cycling, but when I went in & voted again it said it had already recorded my vote! It pays to have blogger connections!

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