Ruminatin’ – On Why Does it Have to Be So Frustrating to Buy Something You Need

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I have mentioned that I have some health problems. Some of them have gotten worse lately and I have been having trouble sleeping. I wake up many times a night either because of pain in my hips – it’s the pain that wakes me up – or my shoulders or because my hands have gone all pins and needles. I’ve put up with it for a bit but the pain levels have reached a point that they are intolerable so off to the doctor I went and was basically told that there wasn’t much that could be done. I’m already on painkillers and they weren’t killing this pain. My hubby will tell you, I am not one to complain about things that hurt so that when I do he figures it must be bad.

The solution it seemed was to get a new bed. A good bed. A freakishly expensive bed. There are two basic types of these beds; the foamy type and the air filled type. I’m sure you’ve all heard of them. He researched and researched and researched some more and off we went to the “big city” to buy us a bed. 

Now this is the very first time I was actually there when a new bed/mattress entered our marriage. Our very first was the one he brought to our house. Then he bought me a brass bed for Christmas one year and he bought a very nice new mattress to go with it. The next new mattress we ever owned appeared on the trailer bed while I was away visiting family. I had never experienced the hopping from bed to bed in the store to find one that feels right.

I told my hubby that I felt somehow like a whore.
All that bed hopping in front of a stranger.

Any way. We tried the air bladder bed and it was quite comfy. But then we tried the foam bed and I swear, once it settled around my body – I heard the angels sing. I had found my bed. Ever since my first surgery in 1996 I have had to sleep with a pillow between my knees because it hurt to have them pressing together. I could never figure out why but on this bed – no pain in my knees. No pain in my hips. No pain in my shoulders.

Angels singing. I’m telling you.

But we still tried other beds just to be sure. Nothing compared. So we decided to purchase the Tempur-Pedic. This post has nothing against the brand. Nothing at all. I can’t wait to get that bed. It was super comfortable. 

It was the salesman. 

He was all sweetness and light as we are talking about my issues and how much I hurt and what we were looking for in a bed. I was all happy about having the new bed and how well I was going to sleep.

He writes up the sale.
He runs the credit card through the machine.

Oh, by the way he says, it will be at least 4 weeks before we can get this delivered.
And oh by the way there is this charge and that charge.

I mentioned that he could have told us that BEFORE he ran the credit card through the machine.

We would have still bought the bed.
But I would have left the store feeling pleased and happy not annoyed and like the salesman was sleazy.
Which he was.
More concerned with the sale than with providing the customer with information.
If you are confident in your product you don’t have to hide behind tactics like this.

So while I will recommend Tempur-Pedic I will not recommend Sleep City. At least not the one in Missoula, MT. As I expressed my displeasure the salesman’s boss was sitting at the next desk. He didn’t even look up or comment. Way to go management. Way to go.


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    Not cool. NOT cool. I think I would have walked. I’m sure there were furniture stores or other major department stores in that town/city, right? Any of them would carry a tempur-Pedic bed–they all carry them.

    I had the same thing yesterday–I called for a service contract on our washing machine and the dame told me that if I didn’t buy right then and there, the price would change. Yeah/No. I told her that if the price changed when I called back I wouldn’t be purchasing.

    Why do we have to deal with sleezy when we are purchasing products or services? Ugh.

    Well…Happy New Mattress, anyway! It’s amazing what a good mattress does for you body.

  2. says

    What a shame. I’ve had bad experience with bed / mattress salespeople and this guy is the king of sleazy. Sleep City in Missoula, MT needs to fix their dismal customer service. And some competition to take away the business with those great mattresses.

    I’ve been trying for weeks to get an attic fan installed. Just about given up and taking the fan back to the store, as much as I want the power of solar energy on my roof.

    Anyhoo, here’s for sweet dreams on your fab new mattress!!


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