Soon the Goats Won’t #DigIn to My New Berry Garden Thanks to The Home Depot! #ad

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

I am one excited woman.
Why you ask?
Because I am getting a berry garden this year!

It won’t produce until next year but the hubby and I will be one step further in our goal of growing all that we eat. We grow all of our vegetables and fruit was next on our list. We have been stymied in this process in the past because of our little munchers, the goats. If we don’t fence it, they eat it. We have yearned for both berries and fruit trees and this year it’s berries!

Pricilla especially loves strawberries. 
Both the fruit and the plant.
And therein lies the problem.

We were fortunate to have some friends give us strawberry starts from their garden and we were just going to plant them and hope for the best. But now, thanks to The Home Depot we are going to have a complete berry garden! The strawberries will have company – blackberries, blueberries and possibly raspberries. All grow well here and we just need to see what we can fit into the space we have allotted.

Hubby has already rototilled part of it. He is going to extend it into the area off to the right in the photo. It is right next to one of goat pens so it will tease them. Bwahahahaha. We might have to end up putting chicken wire up along the inside of that pen. It will depend on how far the little devils can reach those nibbling lips. That will be a “wait and see” project. We ended up having to do that with the vegetable garden as they were able to reach in and pull down the corn stalks! Never underestimate a goat! You can see the rocks that are so much a part of the soil here – left by Glacial Lake Missoula.

Hubby has already planted the strawberry starts so I have had to be careful to not let the goats out. It’s hard because they know it’s Spring, they see the new grass and they want to GRAZE!

Tomorrow we are heading into the “big city” to The Home Depot. From what we have learned the berry plants aren’t in yet – I can completely understand that! – we have had a nasty cold snap. We have awakened to temperatures well below freezing for the last week. 

On this trip we will pick up the field fence and gate. That will give the hubby time to get the area all fenced in and prepared and when the weather breaks we can head back down to Missoula to pick up the plants. I can imagine the fence will be something like this…

Image courtesy of The Home Depot

….but that is really the hubby’s department. As I always say, “I’m aesthetics!” 

Image courtesy of The Home Depot

I am most thrilled about the blackberry plants! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE blackberries and it will be so exciting to have them in my own front yard!  As I mentioned above, I don’t know how many we will be able to put in but I hope it’s enough so I can make jam. Even if it’s not just having them to eat will be such a joy!

So stay tuned! I will be back with all of the stages in this fun and tasty back yard (well in our case, front yard) project. Hubby is one heck of a gardener farmer so I know he will be able to make this berry garden produce!  He has certainly made the main garden produce – we haven’t bought vegetables excepting garlic and the occasional potato in three years. And he thinks he has the garlic figured out! 

He is growing some fruit – melons. 

Pricilla will maaaa at you that they are VERY tasty.
But she and I are very much looking forward to those berries!
Thank you Home Depot!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.


  1. says

    You’re really getting the hook-up with all those fruits. Oh you’re going to be eating happily for years to come!!! I hope you show us the progress as you go, and have a great trip to Home Depot in the big city. :)

  2. says

    Liz – I’m really excited. We’ve wanted to do this for a while but there are so many projects that it’s one by one.

    Tex – I do to. The fence should be high enough (to keep the goats out) that it should be easy to net.

    Marie – thanks. They make me smile everyday!

  3. says

    oh, i hope your berry garden grows very well! next you’ll be needing netting to keep the chickens and other birds from eating those ripening berries!

  4. says

    Sounds like it’s going to be a nice, big garden! We’re sure Pricilla will get to share in the fruit too! Enjoy your trip to Home Depot! We’re still waiting on our countertop and sink to arrive from ours – it’ll be 4 weeks tomorrow since we ordered it so we’re anxious for it to hurry up and get here.

  5. says

    What cute little goats! This is helpful as when we move and get our own house, we have plants to have goats, chickens and a large garden. I need to know how to keep the pets in their proper places and out of my garden. lol. :)

  6. says

    Jenna – I adore blackberries and I don’t get to eat them that often so these will be such a delight to have in the yard.

    BeadedTail – I know what that waiting is like! When we were building the yurt nothing came fast enough

  7. says

    Your goats are so cute! My sister-in-law has goats too. Larry, Darryl and Darryl! :-) We grow strawberries and they spread like crazy. Just maybe the goats will get lucky and they will spread into their area!

  8. says

    If we had a garden, heck if we had any kind of yard AT ALL, I would plant BERRIES! Sadly, in the middle of the concrete jungle…no dirt at all. Just cement ;-( Pricilla would NOT be a happy girl.

  9. says

    Lena – they love fruits and vegetables. When the garden comes in they get all of the carrot greens, turnip and beet greens, not to mention the corn stalks. They are Happy Goats!

  10. says

    I love berries. My mom has tons of strawberries and raspberries in her garden. One of our favorite things to do when we visit is to pick and eat, pick and eat, pick and eat…

  11. says

    We have raspberries, blackberries, and thimble berries. This year we are adding a few strawberries too. For us, it’s the birds that get into them!

  12. says

    Ellen – We know that will be a problem here too so we are going to put netting over the fencing. It’s 5ft so we will still be able to work the garden.

    Crunchy – Thank you. I love them too so I am really happy to be getting them in this year.

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