The Blue Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee by Carolyn Brown – Blog Tour and Book Review

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About the Book:

You Are Cordially Invited…Come early, eat until your buttons pop, and dance until you drop!
Miss Clawdy’s Café has won the Jubilee blue ribbon every year since the dawn of time. This year, town matron Violet Prescott is going after that ribbon with an iron-clad determination only thinly disguised by her perfect coiffure and flawless manners, bless her heart.
It’s time for café owners Cathy and Marty and their best friend Trixie to pull out their secret weapon. And this is where a lifetime of friendship, combined with just the right recipe at just the right time, might carry the day—or blow everything to smithereens.
Welcome to Cadillac, Texas, where the jalapeños are hot, the gossip is hotter, and at the end of the day, it’s the priceless friendships that are left standing…

About the Author:

Award winning author, Carolyn Brown has been a full time author for the past ten years and has sold sixty books. She and her retired English teacher husband live in southern Oklahoma. They have three grown children: Lemar, Amy and Ginny and too many grandchildren to list!

My Opinion:

What a cast of characters! Cadillac, Texas, is chock full of quirky women; young and old and a couple of men to keep things interesting. It did take me a while to sort out exactly who was who, who was related to whom and how and why this one didn’t like that one. Once I did the reading was easier. The story centers on twins Marty and Cathy and their close friend Trixie; together they own Miss Clawdy’s Cafe, one of the hoppingest places in town. The twins belong to the Blue Ribbon Jalapeno Society – THE group in town – which is lorded over by Violet, queen bee and society woman extraordinaire. Everyone is afraid of Violet, including Cathy who is engaged to her son, Ethan, who is running for office.

There is also Darlene, a hooker turned preacher and Anna Ruth the scheming, husband stealing &*^%$((%$ who is now living with Trixie’s ex Andy. But Anna Ruth doesn’t know that Andy is cheating on HER with…..Trixie! There is a LOT going on in this book. A LOT. 

Ms. Brown writes in a smooth, easy and engaging manner. She is funny. Her characters are funny. I just think that this was two (maybe three) books squished into one. There is just SO much going on with so much back story delivered in bits and pieces that the reader sometimes feels as if afloat in a sea of confusion. Fortunately Ms. Brown throws out a life preserver – humor. It’s the saving grace of this book. Without it I would have given up halfway in. She does have a way with taking small town mores, manners and character traits and then caricaturing them into an entertaining novel.

It’s not perfect. I think it should have been two books but it was surely fun. The characters are funny, their antics are laugh out loud at times and I found the book to be a delightful escape from day to day life.


You can read an excerpt of The Blue Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee

You can purchase The Blue Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee at Sourcebooks
You can purchase The Blue Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee at

Be sure to stop back on Monday, March 18, when I will have a very special guest post from Carolyn Brown and a giveaway of 
The Blue Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee!

Disclosure:  I was sent a free copy of The Blue Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee from Sourcebooks for my honest review. I received no compensation for this post.


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    Hi Cheryl, thank you! Come on by Clawdy’s in Cadillac and have lunch sometime. Meet the crew. Maybe Agnes will pop in. Hopefully not at the same time Violet does!

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