The Passing Bells by Phillip Rock – Blog Tour and Book Review

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About the Book:

• Paperback: 544 pages
• Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks; Reissue edition (December 4, 2012)
The guns of August are rumbling throughout Europe in the summer of 1914, but war has not yet touched Abingdon Pryory. Here, at the grand home of the Greville family, the parties, dances, and romances play on. Alexandra Greville embarks on her debutante season while brother Charles remains hopelessly in love with the beautiful, untitled Lydia Foxe, knowing that his father, the Earl of Stanmore, will never approve of the match. Downstairs the new servant, Ivy, struggles to adjust to the routines of the well-oiled household staff, as the arrival of American cousin Martin Rilke, a Chicago newspaperman, causes a stir.
But, ultimately, the Great War will not be denied, as what begins for the high-bred Grevilles as a glorious adventure soon takes its toll—shattering the household’s tranquillity, crumbling class barriers, and bringing its myriad horrors home.

About the Author:

Born in Hollywood, California, Phillip Rock lived in England with his family until the blitz of 1940. He spent his adult years in Los Angeles and published three novels before the Passing Bells series: FlickersThe Dead in Guanajuato, andThe Extraordinary Seaman. He died in 2004.

My Opinion:

The advent of Downton Abbey has brought WWI English history to a new level of popularity. I will admit here and now that I have never seen an episode of the show. I think I am the last person on the face of the Earth…. That being said I am glad that it led to the re-release of this trilogy of books purported to be similar to the show. I can’t write to that for the obvious reasons but I can tell you that The Passing Bells is book worth reading whether you watch BBC television shows or not.

There are two sets of players as you would expect – the Grevilles who are the owners of Abingdon Pryory and their friends and the staff of the Pryory. According to England’s long standing societal traditions – at least up until this point in history – never the twain shall meet. The cast of characters is a bit extensive but they are easy to keep track of once you meet them all. Mr. Rock does a great job of introducing them into the story so the reader gets a feeling for their personalities. All is right in both worlds of Abingdon Pryory until the Great War rears its ugly head and impacts each member of Upstairs and Downstairs in some way. Lines that were never crossed in the past are suddenly broken and new rules are being written.

The book was written in the early ’70s and actually reads as if from an even earlier time. I liked that. The characters are well rounded and the descriptions of place and time are dead on. When the book switches to France for the war the battle scenes do not make for easy reading (when is war ever easy?) but it is the focus for everyone at the time. No one comes through unscathed and how each character – those that survive, this is war after all – must now learn to live in a new world.

I found myself quite enthralled, entranced and engrossed in the lives and loves of the people of Abingdon Pryory. It’s a world I am looking forward to revisiting in the next two books of the trilogy. 

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Disclosure:  I was sent a free copy of The Passings Bells by TLC Book Tours for my honest review. I received no compensation for this post.


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    I haven’t seen Downton Abbey yet either (though I intend to!) but I find this time period really fascinating, especially with the societal rules that existed.

    Thanks for being on the tour!

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