Tidy Cats Pure Nature Litter – Review and Giveaway

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I’m going to go somewhere today I usually don’t go with the readers of Broken Teepee – my cats’ litter boxes. It’s not a place I generally like to take people. I mean does anyone out there with cats like to take people to the litter box area?

Don’t worry, there will be no photos of the cats’ erm, deposits.
That is not necessary to my telling you about Tidy Cats spiffy new litter.

It’s called Pure Nature and I like it.
So do the Farm cats and that is even MORE important. 
It’s easier for me to articulate what I like though since I can’t completely understand “cat.” If anyone out there can, please contact me as I have a slew of questions for you beyond the scope of this post. But I digress….

Pure Nature is made with cedar, pine and corn so it smells delightful. In fact when I open the box to scoop it smells like granola instead of cat. A much better smell to be greeted with before I’ve had my coffee in the morning if I do say so myself. It clumps just as well as any other litter I have used and the clumps do not fall apart while scooping.

Yes, that little face can stink up an entire neighborhood.

There is another bonus, at least in this household – Stinky the Farm cat got her name for a reason. You know when Stinky is in the litter box. People three towns down know when Stinky is in the litter box. Her erm, deposits are legendary. But since I started using Pure Nature I DO NOT KNOW WHEN STINKY IS IN THE LITTER BOX! You do not know how happy this makes the hubby. I might have to change her name! She has been Stinky for 11 years now, I am not sure she would answer to anything else.

Cedar, Pine and Corn are not just the ingredients in this new litter.
Oh no!

They are also a band created to sing about the joys of Pure Nature. I must admit I had a couple of chuckles while listening to Cedar, Pine and Corn – you might too! Michael Bolton did a Funny or Die bit with Cedar, Pine and Corn – I posted it earlier on the blog HERE.

All of the Farm cats are happily using the new litter with no problems. (Stinky is my only fussy cat. She will only pee in Tidy Cats Breeze System Litter. I will never understand cats. I tried that litter when it first came out and she was the only one who would use it and now she won’t stop. I think they do these things to drive us crazy. Thoughts?) It’s 99.9% dust free which makes my life a bit easier since Montana produces more dust than anywhere I have ever been!

Tidy Cats very generously sent me some coupons for 7.5lb bags (up to $10) of Pure Nature Litter. I am going to donate one to my local shelter – THANK YOU TIDY CATS!!!!!! and I am going to give three away here for some lucky US readers.  How do you win? It’s easy! Just hop on the Rafflecopter! Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent a free bag o’Pure Nature for my (well the cats’) honest review. Since they can’t type I have done it for them. I received no compensation for this post.


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    I have several cats, and they all have their quirks…I have a couple who like the Tidy Cat Breeze, so I have 2 of those. I have a couple who like the Fresh Step Crystals, so I have one box with that. The remaining 2 boxes are Tidy Cat clumping litter.

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